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Is your value as a product leader getting lost in the shuffle?


I spend more time than I want in the details, negotiating with engineering


It needs to be done but I’m concerned it affects my career prospects at my company


I got passed over for a promotion because it’s hard for me to articulate the value of product management


I wish I had access to the C-suite and/or the Board of my company


My interactions with marketing and/or sales are one-sided


They own and control the customer, and think of me as an order taker


struggle to articulate clearly how they would benefit from a best-in-class product organization


It’s an uphill battle because they have the ear of our CEO and I don’t

Experience Your Full Potential Now

Expand Your Perspective

Expand your perspective by learning best practices from other product executives and leveraging these connections for peer-to-peer support

Elevate Your Brand

Intentionally manage your personal brand to elevate credibility within your organization and across the industry as a top-tier product executive

Scale Your Impact

Share a topic for a deep dive session to hear thought-provoking questions, experience, resources and tools from peers to solve your unique problem

Your Mastermind Circle membership includes

Monthly Circles

Virtual, private 2-hour meetings each month with 8-12 product executives facilitated by a professional executive coach

Private Collaboration

Continue the conversation between meetings with a dedicated Slack channel for you to make timely decisions that benefit your company

Product Salons

Attend our invite-only virtual and in-person Product Salons to connect with other executives and discuss relevant product leader issues

Product Awards

Attend our invite-only yearly event to recognize and celebrate the best products for product managers

Products That Count is one of the largest networks of product managers in the world

We know how hard it is to build a great product team and great products that remain relevant and profitable in today’s competitive markets. The rapid change of pace in technology and best practices set by top product organizations require teams to continuously learn and adapt.

That’s why in 2015, we set out on a journey to answer the question what makes a great product. The result is the collective voice of C/VP-level product leaders that we continually capture and synthesize.

We are excited to help you up-level your product team’s capabilities through our on-demand and live product mentoring programs. We are confident this will enable you and your team to lead the conversation and cultural change that delivers great products.

  • 300,000+ members in our network
  • 100+ events per year
  • Over 3,000 articles, videos and podcast content sourced from leading C/VP-level product leaders
  • Chapters in leading tech hubs including Austin, London, New York, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle and Toronto
  • Invite-only executive product salons

How to Accelerate Your Transformation

1. Join

Submit your application below and we will review your credentials and fit with the Mastermind Circles that have availability

2. Shape

Connect monthly in a confidential meeting with 8-12 high-caliber, non-competitive product executives to accelerate learning and solve problems

3. Drive

Use peer-to-peer learnings to drive impact in the workplace and elevate your brand in the marketplace as top-tier product executive

Stop Getting Lost in the Shuffle and Accelerate Your Transformation

Great product leaders have a keen vision about how to drive business outcomes to the next level, but the value they bring to the table gets lost in the shuffle. At Products That Count, our mastermind circles accelerate your growth and brand through peer-to-peer learning with C/VP-level product leaders so that you can claim your seat in the C-Suite.

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At Products That Count, we know you want to be a product executive in the C-Suite that drives business outcomes to the next level. In order to do that, you need access to proven executive practices and elevate your brand within the organization. The problem is you are often tied down negotiating with engineering, coaching your team and consumed with other tasks – so the value you bring to the table gets lost in the shuffle. We believe product leaders deserve a seat at the C-Suite table. We understand that reaching this level requires a broad set of perspectives which is why we bring together the best minds in product management.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Join: submit your application for us to review and determine if there is a fit with available Circles.
  2. Shape: engage with a trusted group of 8-12 product executives to shape the conversation through virtual meetings each month.
  3. Drive: use learnings to drive impact in the workplace and elevate your brand in the marketplace.

So, submit your application to join our mastermind circles.  And in the meantime, download the e-book to learn the answers to the most difficult questions that product leaders face. So you can stop getting lost in the shuffle and earn your seat in the C-Suite.

How Product Leaders Are Navigating to the C-Suite

Product Team Assessment

This eBook captures the challenges product leaders face as they progress in their career. It is based on the perspectives of thousands of product leaders like you, who deserve a seat at the C-suite table but are too busy to claim it.

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