Personalized Product Mentorship at Scale

Transform your product team into a competitive advantage

Accelerate Revenue

Optimize Throughput

Drive the Conversation

Does this sound similar to your product team?

My team team finds it hard to collaborate effectively with engineering and sales

If I’m honest, we’re more project managers than product managers

My competitors are poaching my best people because we don’t treat product as a strategic function
We could release much better products faster if we had the right talent
The #1 ask I get from my team is mentorship
We are falling behind because we don’t take the time to really get better at shipping products
I don’t have time to raise my profile as a spokesperson for the company and it hurts our results
Our revenue and customer satisfaction is lower than expectations
We say we need to become product-first, but we don’t walk the talk

Transform your product team into a competitive advantage

Accelerate Revenue

Adopt the latest product management strategies and practices to build a great team and great products that lead your industry

Optimize Throughput

Align disciplines across the company to maximize engineering throughput, meet customer expectations and deliver on your roadmap

Drive the Conversation

Transform into a team that leads with authority internally and as recognized visionaries and market leaders within your industry

How We Drive Personalized Product Mentorship at Scale

Product Team Assessment

Gain a deeper insight into your product team and how it stacks up to other leading companies through our Product Team Assessment

PM Course

A self-paced strategic course to learn what makes a great product, what makes a great product manager, and the insights you need for leading teams and products

AMA Sessions

Engage with a senior product leader mentor during our monthly AMA sessions to learn the latest best practices of what makes a great product

Podcasts & Webinars

Learn from a broad and diverse set of companies on how they build great products and great product teams through our podcast and webinar series

For Product Leaders

Product Salon

Intimate, invite-only networking with C/VP-level product execs via in-person and virtual salons 

Mastermind Circles

Engage with and learn from other C/VP-level product leaders in our private monthly Product Mastermind Circles 

Blog Series

Deliver product thought leadership via a monthly blog post hosted on our website that reaches 50K+ product managers

Products That Count is one of the largest networks of product managers in the world

We know how hard it is to build a great product team and great products that remain relevant and profitable in today’s competitive markets. The rapid change of pace in technology and best practices set by top product organizations require teams to continuously learn and adapt.

That’s why in 2015, we set out on a journey to answer the question what makes a great product. The result is the collective voice of C/VP-level product leaders that we continually capture and synthesize.

We are excited to help you up-level your product team’s capabilities through our on-demand and live product mentoring programs. We are confident this will enable you and your team to lead the conversation and cultural change that delivers great products.

  • 300,000+ members in our network
  • 100+ events per year
  • Over 3,000 articles, videos and podcast content sourced from leading C/VP-level product leaders
  • Chapters in leading tech hubs including Austin, London, New York, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle and Toronto
  • Invite-only executive product salons

What great product managers are saying about the Strategic Product Management Course

“I’ve been in product management for a decade and for me to feel hooked on a course like this and feel excited about finishing it beginning to end was a huge value, and an investment that I’m really happy that I made.”

Listen to the video testimonial

Neha Taleja

Director of Product, Prezi

Our recruiting pipeline has increased by >30%.

eBay has been able to hire product managers in 4 different teams much faster than before.



Kamal Manglani

Product Director, ebay


Having been a part of the Products That Count community, I’m excited to see this next evolution with the Strategic Product Management Course: From Good to Great. There’s a wealth of knowledge from top product leaders packed into this course. 

Thomas Daly

Principal Product Manager, Samsung NEXT

Capital One
How to Accelerate Your Team from Good to Great

1. Join

Get access directly for small teams or submit an inquiry form for 10+ member teams to provision your subscription and team access

2. Shape

Your team takes the online course and engages with live monthly AMA sessions to deepen their competency and stay current on the latest best practices

3. Drive

Transform the organization into a product-led culture by applying the latest strategic thinking and practices to drive engineering throughout and product revenue
Stop Operating Under Your Potential and Transform Your Team Into a Competitive Advantage

Product leaders are responsible for building a high-performing product team and a product-first culture, but their current work environment is so inefficient that they can never find the time required to mentor and develop their people, both junior and senior.

Products That Count leverages our influential global network of C/VP-level product leaders to deliver personalized product mentorship at scale and turn product teams into a competitive advantage.

Product leaders that work with us not only deliver great products, they accelerate revenue and as a result, earn their place in the C-suite and build a reputation as visionary leader.

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At Products That Count, we know you want to be seen as a visionary product leader that builds great products and delivers profit for the business. In order to do that, you need a high-performing product team that builds the right products faster, better and cheaper. The problem is your team has a limited ability to drive the product-led conversation with authority, which makes you feel more like project managers. We believe that every product team deserves access to the latest strategies and practices to perform at their full potential. We understand it’s challenging to develop a team and stay abreast of the latest best practices which is why we represent the collective voice of C/VP-product leaders on how to build a great product teams and great products.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Join: submit the inquiry form and over a short call we will provision your subscription for members of your product team.
  2. Shape: your team takes the online course and engages with live monthly AMA sessions.
  3. Drive: you and your team lead the conversation to transform into a product-led culture. that deliver great products and revenue for the company.

So, join by completing the registration form to get your product team access so you can stop performing under your potential and instead up-level your product managers into a high-performing team that builds profitable products that lead your industry.

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